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1. Choose your soup box

Be spoilt for choice with our 11  soup mixes! From vegetarian boxes to toddler-friendly blends, our soup mixes cater to all your different needs!

2. Select your subscription plan

Choose to pay upfront your subscription for 1, 3 or 6 months. Regardless of your pre-paid plan, 1 soup box of 5 soup packs will be delivered to your home on a monthly basis.

3. Ready to drink in five minutes

Simply defrost, pour out the soup contents and bring it to a boil when you crave for them! The soups can be kept in the freezer for up to a month, and should be consumed within 3 days after opening.


Saybons' soup packs are easy to open and re-heating is hassle free!

Yvonne Ang, married.


One of the few better quality soups around, the taste of the natural ingredients used does come through.

Caleb Wee, father of two.


I love it that the soups are chunk-free, and each pack of soup (510ml) is just right for my child and I to share.

Jennifer Loh, young mother of one.

New and returning subscribers

Haven't had enough of our soups? Don't fret! Your next soup meal is just a few clicks away.

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Qn1. How does your subscription service work?

The Saybons Take-home Soup Packs Online Box Subscription is an auto-renewable program where we deliver to you a monthly box of 5 soup packs. We have 11 different box configurations to choose from. This subscription service is intended for regular consumers of our soups who would like to commit long term for better discounts.

Qn2. When is the monthly delivery of the soup packs?

Our deliveries would take place in the first week of the month. For first-time subscribers, our representative will contact you to understand your delivery preferences, for instance, whether you can take deliveries during office hours or only in the evenings.

Qn3. Is there a subscription service for your other products?

At the moment, we only provide this service for our take-home soup packs. We do, however, have an online store for you to make your online purchases for our other products and services. We do catering and live stations as well. More information can be found on our main website .

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