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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a little bit more about us and our soup packs.

Qn1: Will I be able to change or cancel my subscription after turning it on?

Unfortunately, you will be unable to immediately change or cancel your subscription during the active tenure of your subscription. We recommend starting with a single box or shorter term plan if you are unsure. You can however, change your subscription box type for your next delivery by logging into your personal account and selecting the desired new box type.

Qn2: Does my subscription auto-renew itself or do I have to prompt a renewal?

For your convenience, your subscription auto-renews until you log into your personal account and prompt a cancellation at the end of your current subscription cycle.

Qn3: Will I be able to customise the flavours inside each box?

For logistical convenience, we currently do not allow you to fully customise your box. However, we do have 11 different box configurations that we believe will cover most of our customers’ preferences.

Qn4: How much am I charged for delivery?

Nothing! No, actually something, but we have already worked a reduced delivery cost into your subscription plan, so you do not have to pay any additional delivery charges.

Qn5: Do you have a trial order before I start a box subscription?

We do not cater for trial orders at the moment. If you are unsure about commiting for a subscription plan, we suggest starting with a single box purchase or even a single pack purchase from our regular web store. Of course, you can also visit our stores and sample for free all our soups before deciding.

Qn6: How much discounts do I get over normal retail prices?

You can choose to prepay by the month and save up to 15% off retail prices. There are also options to prepay every 3 months or every 6 months to enjoy discounts of up to 40%.